Change in the Weather by Mark McEwen

Reviews and Advance Praise for After the Stroke: My Journey Back to Life
by Mark McEwen

Mark McEwen's New Book"Mark McEwen's After the Stroke: My Journey Back to Life is a heartwarming tale of triumph against overwhelming odds. For anyone who has suffered a stroke or knows someone who has, Mark's words will make them laugh and cry, but mostly will give them hope."—George H. W. Bush

“Mark McEwen is one of America’s great communicators. Read this book and you’ll learn about the adventures of morning television, but you’ll also find out how love and hard work brought a man who almost died back to life.”
—Harry Smith, anchor of The Early Show on CBS



“Stroke recovery is not for the faint of heart. It takes plenty of ‘angels on earth,’ from doctors and therapists to friends and family, to make it through. Mark McEwen was lucky enough to have those angels in his life. And now, through this book, he has become an angel on earth for others, including myself, to lean on.”
—Shary Shreffler, stroke survivor

“This is a must read for stroke survivors and their medical and non-medical care providers, for it offers a true use of the now popular term "change" for the present and future of our stroke providers, presented by a most talented professional spokesperson for the stroke community in particular, and the communication industry in general. We are most grateful for Mark's leading the charge with this book for a C-change in understanding of stroke.”
—Edgar J. Kenton, III, M.D. FAHA, FAAN, Former Chair of the Stroke Medical Advisory Committee, American Stroke Association/American Heart Association

“Mark’s recovery is not only inspirational but also miraculous!”
—Tony Bennett


“For the 6 million stroke survivors in this country, this is a book about humility, dignity, courage and never giving up. For the caregivers, it is a book about the trials and tribulations you have come to know all to well, and you will realize you are not alone. For the rest of us, it is a book about what you can do to save a life, including your own. Kudos to celebrity Mark McEwen for the courage to share his stroke recovery journey. He is a true champion, committed to restoring
dignity to stroke survivors.”
—James Baranski, CEO of the National Stroke Association

See photos from Mark's career that are also in "After the Stroke: My Journey Back to Life".


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